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Mx Disney is an editing contest that combines contests with roleplays. Each round will continue the story of your character, and you will have the freedom to develop your story and character in any way you might like, as long as it follows round rules and regulations. Below you will find a list of general contest rules, as well as clarifications on the Mx Disney system. Please feel free to contact us at any point if you have questions of any kind!



Plotting is one of the main aspects of any roleplay contests and it is important that everyone has fun and is happy with how their character is being portrayed. This means that you must ask for permission when writing any dialogue or actions for any fellow characters whether they be contestants or judges. Showing characters in the background or having generic dialogue for the judge teachers when they are teaching is allowed but any other lines written for characters must be approved by the person playing said characters. This is to prevent any issues with people feeling like their character is being misrepresented or being shown as out of character. If you are found to be using someone’s character without permission in a way that they do not approve of you will be given a warning, if it happens a second time you will be disqualified. No one wants their character to be used in a way that they aren’t happy with and we want everyone to have fun plotting with everyone so please be respectful.

Character Selection

Characters will need to be from any media that is considered to be in the style of Non/Disney so long as you are able to provide your fellow editors with HD footage. This means that characters from movies like Scooby Doo or Alvin and the Chipmunks plus characters from Disney TV shows like Queen La and Gabriella are now allowed to be used. If you are unsure whether or not a character fits this style don't be afraid to ask.



Unlike other non/Disney editing contests of its kind, Mx Disney introduces a point system. With each passing round, you will earn points between 1 and 10 for your video entry (you are also awarded points for your audition video and the Final Five, but these will not be publicly shown). These points will stay with you throughout the competition, and all the points you score will be added up. Each round the character/s with the least amount of collected points will be out of the competition. This system allows you to skip a round without necessarily being eliminated because of it, if you have previously accumulated enough points to keep you safe.

[!] If you have missed three consecutive round entries, you will be eliminated regardless of your point score.


NOTE: These points will be discarded in the finale.


Video entries need to be submitted to be added to the season playlist and subsequently judged. Videos might be added regardless, if they are spotted, but by not submitting your video you run the risk of it not being seen or judged, and losing any points you might have gained from the round. The order of the playlist dictates who gets extra points for finishing first, etc., so it is smart to notify us as soon as your entry is uploaded, so we can add it as soon as possible.

[!] You can enter your video by commenting to the round video, posting it on the Mx Disney Discord, OR by sending it through the Mx Disney tumblr. Other forms of delivery might not be accepted, as they might be missed.


The judges for each season will be public knowledge and can be seen on the YouTube banner, but who judges which round will be anonymized for the sake of our judges' privacy and comfort. If you have questions regarding a judging, contact us on Tumblr or on the MD Discord, and it will be forwarded to the judge in question.

If you are unsatisfied with your point score after a judging, contact the MD Tumblr or DM me (2009JoRose) on the MD Discord with your concerns, including a well-written reasoning for why you feel your score is inadequate. If I agree with your reasons, I will take it up with the judge in question and we will cooperate in giving you a new round score. This process might take some time, but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

[!] Score complaints are only valid 7 days post-judging. Complaints after this point will not be taken into consideration. This is because the judges have other matters to address between rounds, such as creating round images, finding music to videos, writing up round information, answering questions, etc.


Each season features a few rounds where the contestants will not be publicly judged on the Mx Disney website. These rounds are as follows:

1. The audition entry. Audition entries are rated slightly different, with each judge listing their favorite auditions ranking them depending on how many contestants there will be in a season eg:// their top 16 if there will be 16 contestants. These lists are then combined and audition videos are given scores to see who the final contestants will be. Handpicked contestants and the otherwise highest rated audition will all be given 10 points, the second highest audition receiving 9 points and so on.

2. The bonus round. Bonus rounds have different rules from other rounds and therefore do not require judging in the same way. The exact amount of points a bonus round gives or takes away from another contestant is also kept quiet for further uncertainty.

3. The Final Five. The Final Five is judged in the same manner as every other round, but these judgings will not be made public. At this point in the competition we feel that guidance is no longer necessary, and it is the contestant's turn to show what they have learnt so far and what they are capable of doing on their own.

4. The finale. The finale is judged differently from the rest of the rounds, and here we will also take into account how many rounds a contestant has finished, who had the best roleplaying, who had the highest point scores at the end, who won the most photo shoots etc. It is not necessary to post a guiding judging once the contest is finished.


As stated previously, each round the person with the least amount of collected points will be eliminated from the competition. The exception to this rule is as follows: If you have skipped three consecutive rounds you will be eliminated regardless of point score.

To allow for longer deadlines, each season will feature rounds (with double eliminations or multiple eliminations depending on the amount of contestants and rounds. The characters with the lowest amount of points at the end of these rounds will be eliminated, instead of the standard of one character. The amount of eliminations will be announced at the beginning of the round. Other than this, the elimination works exactly like a regular elimination.

The list of points will not be kept publicly, so you will need to check between each round whether or not you are still in the competition.


You can check whether your character is eliminated or still active in the contest by going to the 'Contestants' tab on this website.


Mask and background sharing is allowed be it from other contestants, giveaways or from others in the community. If you use masks that were not made by you you must include credit to the creator/creators in the description. In order for it to be fair to those who want to do all of their masking themselves, those who submit entries with original masks will be scored higher in the masking category than those who borrow masks from others. This is because we realise the effort that it takes to make all of your maskings yourself so we feel like that effort should be acknowledged. This does not mean though that you won't be able to get a 10 if you use masks from other creators just that your video will need to be stronger in other areas such as story, colouring, manips, etc.


Your video may be blocked in certain countries without problem. However, it may not be blocked in the country of Australia. This is because the main judge is Australian and would then be unable to watch and judge the video entries. Please be sure to check the songs you use beforehand, so you will have no trouble with this on the day of the deadline. If copyright restrictions change mid-round and your entry which was previously not banned, now is, we will ask you for a download link to your round, but this will not affect your judging in any other way.​​

You can check the copyright policies of your songs prior to choosing them here:

YouTube music policies.


Each round gives you approximately one to two months to finish your video entry depending on the season. The specific deadline for each round will be given together with the rest of the round information. Easier rounds might be shortened to extend the deadline of more technically demanding rounds.

All deadlines for this competition are strict, and apply equally to everyone. You can deliver your entry up to 100 minutes after the deadline, with a one point reduction for each commenced 10 minutes past the deadline. You can only deliver late entries on the MD Discord, due to the time stamps. It is advised that you upload a couple of days in advance of the deadline to avoid upload and/or rendering complications. Every video must be sent through to the official Mx Disney YouTube channel by a comment to the round video, on the official MD Discord, or through the MD tumblr, or it will likely be overlooked.

NOTE: Deadlines expire midnight on the specified date according to the GMT+8 - Western Standard Timezone (Australia). This timezone has no daylight savings so it will remain the same year round.


Each season of Mx Disney features a bonus round. This round will be different in several ways, but the most prominent difference is the fact that you will not be given the chance to earn points for yourself. You will be able to either sabotage or help other characters. The bonus round will be one of two things, never both:

1. Helping bonus round. In these you will have the opportunity to help a fellow contestant by giving them extra points. Examples of previous bonus rounds like these include MD2014: Never Land and MD2018: Turo.

2. Sabotaging bonus round. In these you will have the opportunity to sabotage a fellow contestant by removing points from them. Examples of previous bonus rounds like these include MD2017: Kuzcotopia and MD2022: The Forbidden Forest.

This round is entirely optional, and you need in no way feel required to produce a video entry for it. However, completing a bonus round video will give you an advantage in the upcoming finale. For more information on this, read Earning Extra Points & Advantages below.

Bonus rounds will only grant you between one and two weeks depending on the season to complete your video entry. You can still submit a video without choosing to sabotage or help anyone in order to get the advantage.

In order to not let this round unfairly and completely destroy another contestant's point scores, there is a five point deduction limit per video and a 10 point deduction limit overall. This rule also applies to helping bonus rounds, to not give any one contestant an unfair and extreme advantage.


With each round (excluding the Final Five and the Finale) the first three contestants to finish their video entries will earn extra points. 

There are also several ways of earning advantages to the finale (this does not include points, but things that will be taken into consideration at the final judging of the finale videos). Winning photoshoots will be a huge advantage in the finale, as will having been a part of as many rounds as possible. Activity, eagerness and winning photoshoots will all pull for you in the end, so make sure to stock up on some credits in that area before the finale comes upon us!

Neglecting to enter a round video will, opposite of winning photo shoots or entering the bonus round, grant you a permanent minus, which will give you a disadvantage during a finale. Entering a video past the deadline will not grant you any points, but will remove this minus.


These advantages and disadvantages will also count as tie breakers during eliminations.


Once you have won a season of Mx Disney your YouTube channel will be permanently featured and advertised on this site as well as the official YouTube channel of Mx Disney. In addition, the avatar of the YouTube and Tumblr channels will feature your winning character a whole year in honor of your victory. Winners will also be asked to be a secondary judge for the next season of Mx Disney. This prize is completely optional, and depends on your wishes.

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