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Due to there being less contestants and rounds than previous years 

each round will be a double elimination with 4 contestants making it

to this years finale.

Please note: This countdown clock counts a little slow. Please be sure to refresh the page regularly to see the correct time left. This clock is meant as an indicator, but you are still responsible for knowing the deadline yourself.

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The year is 1985 and you are cordially invited to a party at the manor of Mr and Mrs White. They are known for their lavish parties sparing no expense (to their account Mr Plum’s displeasure). Invitations are sent to everyone the couple knows causing an extensive guest list some of whom may have ill intentions towards their hosts. Halfway through the party Charles and Katrina gather everyone around to make an announcement, this is actually a going away party as the couple has decided to move countries. This may be the last night they see many of their guests before they leave and for someone it may be their last chance …. at revenge.


This season will be a murder mystery but the murder will not occur until the first round for story telling purposes. Your audition should end with your character still at the party.



  • Non / Disney characters allowed. Mx Disney is not limited to Disney only characters.

  • You must be able to supply HD footage of your character.

  • Representative characters to show family or friends are allowed without having to claim these.

  • Your character must be human. - Characters cannot be magical or have any special powers.

  • Your character must be over the age of 21.

  • Your character must know the White family. It can be either of them or both of them for any reason. Eg:// Work colleagues, having an affair with either of them, family, etc.

  • Your character must have a motive to kill Charles White. It does not need to be shown during your audition but in future rounds everyone will be a suspect. Eg:// You are in love with him or his wife, he has conned money from you, he had an affair with your character's partner, etc.

  • Mask sharing is allowed but you must give credit.

  • Once you have claimed a character, you have 2 weeks to enter your audition, or the claim will run out. You can still enter your audition after this, but if someone asks for your character before you do so, I am obliged to give the character away. Once your audition has been entered, your character will move from the claimed list to the taken list.


In Your Audition Video:

  • Video entry can be whichever length you want.

  • The video must show your claimed character.

  • You must show your character receiving the invitation to the party

  • You must show your character reacting to the White’s announcement.

All judge characters are available to plot with for backstory purposes. The Detectives will not be at the party but all other judge characters will be there if you wish to plot with those characters. You must contact the judge first to get approval for any plots that involve their character.

Deadline - December 23rd 11:59PM GMT +8

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