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all video entries will be judged below

Mx Disney features some of the most talented non/Disney editors YouTube has to offer. Because of this, the judging criteria are incredibly strict. Please keep in mind that every editor in this contest is extremely skilled, and an average scoring video equals a great video. Don't feel discouraged if your video has not reached a high point score. We could all improve in some areas.

And remember: If you were not an amazing editor, you would not be a Mx Disney contestant.


Miss Arabella

Round Two: 

Points: 0/10



  • Masking is clean throughout. 

  • The complete manips we do have are great.

  • The dark lighting during the interrogation is very good.

  • Great music choice.

  • Pacing is good throughout. 

  • Fantastic use of underrated characters for Arabella's backstory.


  • Last entry. 

  • Incomplete entry.

  • Missing dialogue for the majority of the video.

  • The 180° rule is broken a few times during the conversation with detective Miles (e.g 2:29).


Arabella was truly a very interesting character and we are very sad to see her go. Although unfinished, this video proved to be entertaining and blocking was clear/well done. Her relationship with detective Miles has certainly caused a lot of intrigue. It is a shame that we are missing dialogue for the major later half of the video, we would have loved to see what her conversations with others consisted of.


Mister Otto

Round Two: 

Points: 7.5/10



  • Masking is clean throughout 

  • Coloring in the rain scene is great

  • Tracking of the bruise is well done

  • Recoloring of both Scarlett and Green were very well done

  • Nice tracking at 3:49

  • Emma is well recolored

  • Dialogue is well written

  • Coloring is consistent throughout

  • Great shot at 2:26


  • Both masks glitch at 0:29

  • Bullet hole doesn’t move with the glass at 0:33

  • Otto is a little too small at 2:14

  • Nico’s vest disappears and reappears in the next shot 2:19

  • Elizabeth glitches into the shot at 3:51 

  • We can see the previous shot when transitioning with fade-to-white to the next shot in a flashback.


Otto continues to be a great character with fantastic dialogue and a unique personality. We love seeing him connect positively and even not so positively with the other guests and even with the staff. We would suggest to double check that your masks don’t glitch in your manips, and make sure your transitions don’t show the previous shot after the fade-to-white appears.


Miss Maua

Round Two: 

Points: 10/10



  • Masking is clean throughout.

  • Coloring is beautiful throughout.

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read.

  • Good background edits for the rain in the back.

  • The sound effects add a great touch throughout.

  • Great group shot 1:13.

  • The tracking to stabilize some shots for Maua is greatly done.

  • Clever shot at 2:55 and 2:58.

  • The shot at 3:24 is greatly executed.

  • The tracking for the blush was very well done.

  • Good recolor for Shanti’s clothes.

  • Pacing is great throughout.


  • Flower appears in hair at 1:54 then disappears in next shot

  • The pan down shot at 7:01 is jumpy

  • The opacity stops halfway dark before completely dimming on the last shot


It’s awesome to see a realistic reaction from Maua at the sight of a body. Her connecting with people such as Nico and Snow was a joy to watch! The camera movements and switches from one angle to another to give you a very real sense of where she is in the room, which is fantastic to see! Keeping consistency with the masking was a minor negative trait of the round, but the pacing was great.


Mister Henry

Round Two: 

Points: 7.5/10



  • Third to finish.

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Great shot at 0:16.

  • The walking shot at 0:24 is very well executed.

  • Excellent work choosing character expressions throughout.

  • The interrogation was amazingly done.

  • Great music choice to portray Henry’s thoughts.

  • Good far shot at 5:48.

  • The ending scene was hilarious.


  • Some masks are rather rough (e.g 0:12, 0:16).

  • While the attempt to recolor the detectives’ clothing to match their character was good, it made it inconsistent.

  • The 180º rule is broken at 5:09.

  • The manip at 6:11 is very rough.

  • The whole scene with the discovery of the will feels very rushed.


Henry keeps with his personality as a no-nonsense man when it comes to murder, or this situation in general. His conversation with Maua was nice to see, even the suspicious feelings he had with his conversation with Otto. He refuses to play into Mr. Green’s interrogation tactics and I think that gets you invested in his story even more. If we can suggest anything, it would be that your masks should be a bit smoother. Try pulling in the edge on your masks or making the background on the edges disappear to achieve this.


Miss Snow

Round Two: 

Points: 8/10



  • Second to finish.

  • Masking is clean throughout.

  • Coloring is beautiful throughout.

  • Amazing intro

  • Great manip at 1:27 with Snow and her grandmother.

  • Good mouth-swap at 4:05.

  • Some of the expressions were great choices (e.g. 4:11).

  • Great sound effect at 7:11.

  • The music transition was very natural.

  • Good manip putting Melody in her dress (e.g. 7:48).

  • Great flashback effect at 9:21.

  • The group shot at 9:28 is greatly done.

  • The voices along the flashbacks are a great touch.

  • Nice window shot at 10:45.


  • Overuse of background shots.

  • While we know Snow’s eyes are green they seem to change color as the video progresses.

  • Some backgrounds have very low quality (E.g. 2:09).

  • The shot at 2:55 feels a bit out of place.

  • The blinking at 7:39 is slightly off.

  • The tear at 7:54 falls on the ground but it looks like there’s more water around.

  • Some of the dialogue in the conversation with Miles too fast.


It was great to see more of Snow and seeing as well how this whole situation is affecting her truly once the hatred towards Mr. White is moved aside. Showing how she’s constantly trapped in a loophole between the relationship with her father and her boyfriend was a great detail to see. For future rounds we’d have to recommend for you to not rely so much on background shots as they negatively affect the pacing of the video.


Mister Oliver

Round Two: 

Points: 6.5/10



  • First to finish.

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read.

  • Great music choice.

  • All the chosen expressions for the characters are on point.

  • Great consistency in regards of previous rounds (E.g. 0:19).

  • The interrogation scene was very well executed.

  • Good reaction shot at 3:15.


  • Some maskings are a bit rough (E.g. 0:32 and 0:40).

  • Small lighting inconsistencies (E.g. 0:29 and 2:55).

  • Colouring of the characters does not match the backgrounds (eg 1:23)


This has been a massive improvement and we are all loving it! Your ability to showcase so well everyone’s personalities along with making all the interactions look so natural made this a delight to watch! We’d recommend for you to work a bit on the lighting so it’s consistent between scenes, and for the masks to not be as rough try out the Simple Choker effect on after effects. It does wonders!


Mister "Nicolas"

Round One: 

Points: 5/10



  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Great use of Tulio footage for the gambling scene

  • Nice composition at 0:38

  • Great handshot at 0:53

  • Great use of expressions throughout the video

  • Funny interaction at 1:15

  • Great shot at 1:22

  • Amazing shot at 1:36

  • Lighting effect at 2:49 is well done

  • Tracking of the slap mark is very good


  • Masking is rough throughout the video

  • Text goes by too fast in some places

  • The words on the gambling table are backwards

  • 0:20 the background does not match the rest of the scene

  • Masking is not credited

  • Clayton slides in at 1:30


“Nico’s” character seems to be full of surprises. All those interactions felt very natural, not to mention some of the clever shots you did to show what type of a person he is, especially during the first scenes where he’s gambling. While the writing and expressions are on point, we’d recommend you work a bit on the masks as they are very rough. Remember some matte choker could help getting rid of those rough edges.


Miss Chaeri

Round One: 

Points: 6/10



  • Masking is mostly clean throughout

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Nice use of flashforward at the beginning

  • Nice transition at 0:46

  • Good wide shot at 1:01

  • Flicker effect is very good

  • Blackout effect is very well done

  • Nice touch of recolouring Nanny

  • Reflection is a nice touch at 1:33

  • Blood drip is well done


  • Masking is rough in some places

  • Mei’s arm disappears at 0:23

  • 180 degree rule broken at 0:32

  • Aladdin changes colour at 0:39

  • Lighting and colouring is inconsistent 

  • It’s morning outside the windows 1:30

  • The sizing doesn’t match at 1:59 and 2:14

  • Background glitch at 2:22


Although the lighting was off in some points, like having the corners way darker than needed and light in the center area of the manip, the pacing and storytelling was well done and we could tell you put a lot of work into it. We suggest instead of having nearly black coloring in the corners of the masks, lighten it up a tad so it matches with the background behind it as well as making sure the lighting stays consistent between shots and characters.


Mister Otto

Round One: 

Points: 9/10



  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Masking is clean and well done throughout

  • Great shot at 0:03 and 0:06

  • Great detail with the painting at 0:08

  • Good use of sound effects (Eg. rain, phone ringing)

  • Tracking on the door at 0:16 looks very natural

  • 0:21 is a great walking shot

  • Recolouring of characters is very well done throughout

  • Clever shot of the car at 1:16

  • Great tracking of the background 1:28

  • Great composition 2:01

  • Charles’ body looks very natural

  • 2:24 is a good shot

  • Nice ending shot


  • Background is very pixelated at 1:22 causing the phone to stand out

  • 1:42 bookshelf background scale does not match with the characters

  • The tracking is off in some spots


Your attention to detail is immaculate, from changing all the windows so it rains to the shadow when Nico is running away. Many of your shots were very creative, like the one of Otto’s family on the car. He is an intriguing character that clearly is more than it seems, and we can’t wait to see more of him.


Miss Arabella

Round One: 

Points: 8/10



  • Subtitles are clear and mostly easy to read

  • Masking is clean and well done throughout

  • Lighting and colouring are well done throughout

  • Recolourings are very well done

  • Nice background tracking at 1:22

  • Recolouring of the hands at 1:57 is well done

  • Colouring during the blackout is very good

  • Subtitles changing size depending on whether she’s whispering is a nice touch

  • Tracking of the slap is well done

  • Great use of parallels between the past and the present

  • Ending is funny


  • The text goes by too fast in places

  • Mask roughly cuts at 0:46

  • Aladdin changes outfit at 1:42

  • The text for Lian is hard to read

  • Rough mask at 2:44

  • Detective is shown in the house at 3:37 when he is meant to be at the front door


The use of lighting throughout is very pretty and it’s easy to differentiate between what’s a flashback and what’s not. We also liked seeing more about Arabella and Adrien’s friendship, which felt very natural. Our recommendation would be to be more mindful with the subtitles, as sometimes it goes too fast for the viewer to read it on time.


Mister Henry

Round One: 

Points: 5.5/10



  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Great manip at 0:37

  • Great group shot at 0:49

  • Blackout effect is nicely done

  • Great shot at 1:43

  • Nice touch showing the glow of the lighter in each shot

  • The walking sequence looks very natural

  • Nice touch recolouring Nanny



  • Colouring and lighting is inconsistent throughout the video

  • Masking is rough throughout the video

  • There are dark lines around every character

  • It is no longer raining at 0:40

  • Glitch at 1:34

  • Where did the lighter go at 1:44

  • Breaking of the 180 degree rule at 2:48


Henry is such a funny character, we love all his interactions throughout the video and he’s such a joy to watch. Love that final line, definitely relatable. We highly recommend using the matte choker effect to clean up any thick or rough outlines on your masks. Matching colouring and lighting is important to make a scene cohesive and give the feeling that all the characters are in the same place.


Miss Maua

Round One: 

Points: 10/10



  • Third to finish

  • Masking is clean and well done throughout

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Lighting and colouring is beautifully done throughout

  • Love the use of recap and intro screen

  • The clock is such a cool idea to show the round number

  • Matching the music and the beat to the effects is amazingly done (E.g. the lightning strikes)

  • 1:06 is a good composition

  • Nice hand shot at 1:08

  • Recolouring of characters is very well done throughout the video

  • Beautiful use of effects for the blackout

  • Heartbeat sound effect works well

  • Blushing is well done

  • Nice change of eye direction at 3:17

  • Tear effect looks very natural

  • Nice use of blur to show her emotional state



  • Almost a quarter of the video is recap

  • Obvious stills of Cinderella and Mei at 1:06

  • Where did the lighter go at 2:32

  • The recolouring of Lonette is not the cleanest

  • Jasmine is pixelated at 3:28



The colouring effect during the blackout sequence was a great choice, it was beautifully done and makes your video stand out. Adding the lighter effect on top as well was a clever touch.  The use of effects and shots in time with the music was amazingly done too. Keep it up!


Mister Oliver

Round One: 

Points: 3/10



  • Second to finish

  • Great shot composition at 0:46

  • Oliver’s personality is great to watch

  • 2:10 is a clever use of a canon shot

  • Expressions are on point in every scene

  • Blood drips hitting on the beat is a nice touch at 2:24



  • Overuse of canon shots

  • Backgrounds are inconsistent throughout the video

  • The text moving around the screen makes it harder to read, try keeping your subtitles in one place throughout the video

  • Masks have rough, pixelated edges eg: 0:32

  • Reuse of the same pocket watch shot

  • Lighting and colouring is inconsistent throughout

  • Random black screens throughout

  • 2:30 is not scaled to match the rest of the video

  • The Beauty and the Beast castle backgrounds don’t work for the mansion setting



You have written such a compelling and interesting character, and it’s a joy to watch Oliver and his interactions with the other characters. Work on matching the lighting and colouring of characters in the same scene so that it is more cohesive. While for some shots they can be useful, try to not rely on canon shots so much, especially when they have inconsistent backgrounds. 


Miss Snow

Round One: 

Points: 8.5/10



  • First to finish

  • Masking is clean throughout 

  • Colouring is beautiful throughout

  • Subtitles are clear and easy to read

  • Intro sequence is amazing and gorgeously edited

  • Recolouring of all the characters is edited very naturally throughout the whole video

  • The lights going out on the beat is a nice touch

  • The use of vignette during the flashbacks is a good to differentiate between the two different times

  • Good use of puppet tool to make characters blink

  • Great song choice

  • Nice job of showing all the characters reactions to the murder

  • Nice group shot at 4:16



  • Some shots are very dark and hard to see at the beginning eg: 1:19

  • Tracking on the freckles does not always look natural eg 1:48

  • The lighting throughout the blackout scene is not consistent between shots, some characters are very dark and some are very bright

  • At the end shot there’s no rain



We love that tv show style that you’ve gone for with the opening sequence and the credits. It really feels like you’re watching a tv show and gives the video an amazing vibe. We recommend that you make sure that you keep your lighting consistent throughout the video as characters appear brighter than others in back to back shots, especially in the lights out sequence. 

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